3 in 1 Bürste - MaxiRoller™


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 The #1 selling 3 in 1 brush in the USA

Denken Sie drying, combing and straightening in in few minutes aus!


✔️ DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR SCALP: dries and volumizes at the same betrügt SafeHot heat Kontrolle with the integrated. Thanks to this, your hair will be Naturell and without any harmful damage

✔️ SPECTACULAR VOLUME: bilden Sie the ovaler Design makes this in brush designed to Naturell volume from the root with just one pass ein

✔️ SMOOTH AND KNOTTLESS HAIR: by performing betrügt 1 3 treatments in and at the same, the hair is absolutely straight, dry and with great volume.


    ✔ 3 speed and temperature levels

    ✔ Hypoallergenic ceramic materieller ABS

    ✔ 2 types of sows

    ✔ Kabel: 160 Cm

    ✔ Temperature: 120ºC

    ✔ Power: 1000W

    ✔ 360. Swivel Kabel with hanging Ring

    ✔ handlicher FREE stylist's with styling Tips!

      Handlicher FREE stylist's with styling Tips!

      How to gebraucht

      1. Lightly dry your hair with in towel after the shower

      2. Trenne it by zones with hair Klipps

      3. Wrap your MaxiRoller ¦  and start drying + smoothing + brushing

      4. Repeat the same until all your hair is schenkt

      5. Dry, straightened and brushed hair in 10 minutes!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is it good for straightening my hair if it is very curly?

        Yes, MaxiRoller is suitable for all hair types, such As curly, straight, thick, thin, long and short.

        Hund it be used with wet hair or is it better to remove the moisture?

        It is best to remove excess Klosett with in towel before using your MaxiRoller ¦.

        The package includes

        ✔ x1 3 in 1 brush - MaxiRoller ¦

        ✔ x1 Handbuch of tips with better hairstyles

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